Brahmanism and Blind-faith are two big obstacles for India

India is a huge country in terms of culture, geographical area, population and GDP. There are about 3000 castes and 25000 sub-castes and 29 states and 7 union territories. India is a democratic country. According to the constitution of the India every person has the right to accept any religion, but in these days most people believe in superstitions which are propagated by the cunning people.

The evil practices supported by Brahmanism should be eradicated from the heart and soul of every person otherwise it will be too late to save community. A lot of people are dying day by day due to the lack of food and resources contrary to this a huge amount of money is accumulated in temples. India is that country where statues of deities eat foods, drink milk and oil, but poor persons are dying due to the basic needs.

Let's talk about the political system. If the leader of the country is good then the development of the country can be good otherwise possibilities are few. What we experience about Indian political scenario that most of the ministers thinks more about their own benefits and this causes a huge number of corruption and scams.

Before sometime the news was published in the newspaper that a Dalit labourer Joginder Singh carried his daughter on his shoulders because he had not any single paisa for rickshaw. The reason behind that the authority stopped her daughter's pension without gave any reason. Whenever I think about that incident I feel guilty.

The reason behind it is only superstition. People of India may be physically strong but most of them are mentally weak due to tentacle of blind-faith. A sizable mass which mostly illiterate (literate also not exceptions) believe more on their destiny. The shameless thing is that they treat river like a mother, but not try to stop them get making it polluted. It shows that how much our people's lifestyle is backward.

Caste system which is the backbone of Brahmanism is very commonly practiced in India which stops us to be united. Brahmins and other higher castes have been on the top of social systems and jobs from very long time. They have been privileged by birth and even today most of the higher posts filled by them even not caring for legal provisions of representation in the form of reservation. When people will start to think about humanity then there will be not any caste system. The unity is the strength and the prosperity of the nation totally depends on our social harmony, equality, liberty and scientific temperament.

– Yogesh Paul

Pic courtesy from PK for representation purposes only