Why Atheism

People of every religion and community are threatened by atheists. They do not want any generation to think and reason to be born in their minds. There are many reasons for this. Firstly, it is not easy to control the person who thinks. The one who thinks, she develops her vision towards the world and society in the long run. Making her mentally weak for purpose of rule or control is not easy. If she appears to be mistaken and suspicious, she can ask you questions. She can suggest a different option than you may have or think. You can be criticized for having wrong or misleading thoughts and actions. If you do not improve then you may also have to face protest in a government system. So there are big threats to reason and thinking, for them, those who want the power to remain with them. Money and authority remain with them.

It was good to think and reason to reach the culmination of the argument, but the person who reasons and thinks could review the actions of the government. May be the leaders bring its rejection from the public, if having their own opinions. In the tribal areas, the people with sound knowledge and having logical mind can know the propaganda or conspiracy being sold the natural resources to the brokers. Religious heads can be shown the mirror of hypocrisy they make on the Gods, superstition and demeanor. There are so many dangers, to be a freethinker and person with reason and rationality. That is the reason neither the government wants people to have their thinking with scientific and logical way, nor do religious heads want. This is the reason that the vast majority of people consider people in the government and religious as their authorities. It continues to become a tradition of fear, horrific, robbery, oppression, devotion, idiocy, mischief, etc. for the masses. We specially in India, very much sentimental on issues like India-Pakistan cricket match, war, cow-pigs killings, while the authority both political and religious makes us fool.